12 reasons for using biblivre

  1. Zero cost;
  2. An agile, practical tool that is easy to use;
  3. Access to the catalogues of any library in the world through Protocol Z39.50;
  4. It runs on Windows, Linux, Unix or any compatible operating system;
  5. Simple interface: different materials can be catalogued in the bibliographic bases (books, pamphlets, theses, periodicals, articles from periodicals, manuscripts, iconographic, cartographic and audiovisual material, music (sound), music scores, computer-legible material, 3D objects;
  6. Search by author, title, subject, ISBN (International Standard Book Number), year of publication, all the attributes, series number and accession register;
  7. Permits cataloguing library holdings and online consultation of titles, technical cards, extracts of books and even complete works;
  8. Enables users to read and print works that are in the public domain;
  9. Brings information technology and modernization to your library;
  10. Program free software: allows the user to customize the program according to his or her needs;
  11. Used by more than two thousand libraries in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries;
  12. Permanent, free updates.